November 13, 2023
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Best Tattoo Aftercare Cream for Sensitive Skin

If you've just gotten new ink, you probably want to ensure your tattoo looks vibrant and fresh for years. Tattooed skin aftercare is a crucial part of the healing and vibrancy process, and one of the essential products you need is a skin-sensitive tattoo aftercare cream.

Picking the proper tattoo aftercare cream, though, can seem complicated with a myriad of choices. Thankfully, we’ve broken down the most frequently asked questions when it comes to tattoo aftercare lotions and how you can pick the best formula to suit your unique skin. 

What is Tattoo Aftercare Cream?

This is a formulated lotion designed to aid in the healing and preservation of your tattooed skin specifically. It typically contains ingredients that promote skin hydration, reduce inflammation, and protect against infection. These three aftercare cream qualities (moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial) are essential to a properly healed tattoo. 

Why is Tattoo Aftercare Cream Essential?

Tattoos are a form of self-expression and art; proper care is essential to preserve their beauty. Neglect can lead to infections, fading, and overall dissatisfaction with your tattoos. A proper tattoo cream plays a pivotal role in ensuring your ink heals correctly and lasts for years to come. 

What are Common Ingredients in a Tattoo Aftercare Cream?

The ingredients per tattoo lotion may vary, but they often include natural components like aloe vera, shea butter, and vitamins and minerals. These ingredients help soothe the skin, reduce redness, and accelerate the healing process. 

You want to be extremely careful when selecting a tattoo aftercare cream with fragrances and perfumes, alcohol, or parabens. These big no-no ingredients may irritate and harm the healing tattoo. So, ensure you’re reading the ingredient list on your product packaging and that your brand of choice has important tags, like fragrance-free, clean ingredients, paraben-free, etc. IKONIK is a great example of a brand that only includes the best non-irritating ingredients in their formulations.

How to Apply?

tattoo aftercare cream

Applying tattoo aftercare cream is a straightforward process. After cleaning your tattooed skin with a gentle foam soap, apply a thin layer of cream to the area, making sure not to over-saturate. Gently massage the cream into your skin, and let it fully absorb.

What’s the difference between Tattoo Aftercare Cream and Regular Lotions?

Tattoo aftercare cream is specially formulated for tattooed skin, whereas regular lotions might contain ingredients that are not suitable for healing tattoos, such as artificial dyes, sulfates, or phthalates. Using the right tattoo cream can make a significant difference in the healing process.

How do I choose the right Tattoo Aftercare Cream?

When choosing a product, opt for one that is free from harsh chemicals and fragrances. Look for a product specifically designed for the healing and longevity of your tattoos. 

Another great resource is your tattoo artist. They are the industry experts, so they will have recommendations on what has worked well for the healing process, likely on their own tattoos, as well as other client’s tattoos.

What are the Tips for the Best Results?

To ensure you’re healing perfectly, follow these tips:

  • Keep your tattooed skin clean and dry.
  • Avoid exposing your tattoo to direct sunlight.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing to prevent friction and irritation.
  • Refrain from picking scabs or the healing skin.

What are Common Mistakes to Avoid?

Avoid common mistakes, such as:

  • Over-applying the cream.
  • Using petroleum-based products.
  • Submerging your tattooed skin in water for extended periods.

tattoo aftercare cream

What Does the Healing Process Look Like?

There are different tattoo healing stages, including inflammation, scabbing, and peeling. Proper care during these stages is crucial for optimal results.

IKONIK customers prefer using our tattoo aftercare balm before the peeling stage, and then once the skin starts peeling, they will switch the cream. This powerful glide to cream duo has seen to reduce scabbing, itching, and the overall healing time frame. 

When Can You Stop Using Tattoo Aftercare Cream?

You can stop using this when your tattooed skin is fully healed and the skin has regained its normal texture. Typically, this process takes about two to four weeks, depending on the tattoo's size and placement.

What are the Benefits of Using This?

Using a tattoo-specific lotion has several advantages, including:

  • Reduced peeling and itching. 
  • Faster healing time. 
  • Reduced risk of infection.
  • Vibrant and durable colors for your tattoos.


IKONIK Epik Aftercare Cream Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do I use Epik Cream?

A1. Apply enough Epik Cream to moisturize the healing tattooed area. Repeat 2-3 times per day for 10-14 days, then as needed throughout the life of your tattoo to moisturize and revive your ink.

Q2. What makes Epik Cream stand out from the pack?

A2. Epik Cream truly is the champion of skincare creams as it is a one-and-done cream for anyone looking to heal their tattoo, maintain new tattoos, and revitalize old ones. It was formulated with only the best top-tier ingredients on the market.

Q3. Can I use Epik Cream while pregnant?

A3. Epik Cream was formulated with clean top-tier ingredients that are safe for pregnancy, but we still recommend you consult with your doctor first.

Q4. Is Epik Cream suitable for all skin types?

A4. This is formulated for all skin types, but we recommend you do a product patch test if you have sensitive skin. 

Q5. How long do I use Epik Cream after a tattoo?

A5. Epik Cream was designed to be used throughout the lifecycle of your tattoo, but as a healing cream, it should be used 2-3 times each day for 10-14 days, then as needed to maintain ink vibrancy.


A proper lotion designed for tattoos will be your secret weapon for maintaining the beauty and vibrancy of your ink. With the right cream and proper care, your ink can remain a stunning work of art for years to come.

Taking care of your tattooed skin is not just a short-term commitment; it's a long-term investment in preserving your body art. This cream will be your ally in this journey, helping you achieve the best results and ensuring that your tattoo remains as beautiful as the day you got it. 

But the journey doesn't end when it heals. To maintain its vibrancy and longevity, it's important to continue caring for it. Here are some post-healing tips:

  • Protect from Sun Exposure: UV rays can fade the ink in your tattoos, so always apply sunscreen if it is exposed to sunlight. This extra step can go a long way in preserving your tattoo's color.
  • Stay Hydrated: Keep your skin well-hydrated. Drink plenty of water and consider using a long-term moisturizer, like Epik Cream, to maintain your skin's health.
  • Regular Touch-Ups: Over time, tattoos may naturally fade. Consider scheduling touch-up appointments with your tattoo artist to keep the colors fresh.
  • Avoid Skin Trauma: Be mindful of any activities that might lead to skin abrasion or injury, as these can affect your tattoo's appearance.
  • Choose Quality Products: If you're still in the market for aftercare products for your tattoos, opt for trusted and reputable brands like IKONIK. Quality products can make a significant difference in your tattoo's long-term health.


With the right products, your tattoos will continue to tell your unique story, ensuring they remain as brilliant and captivating as ever.

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