we are junk free. our products are pure and simple.

We only include clean top-tier ingredients in our formulations leaving you with a pristine tattoo that stands the test of time.


We had enough of tattoo skincare that didn't cut it

Pain, itchiness, flaking and irritation were all too common, and no matter what product we tried, we couldn't find one that contained top-tier ingredients, alleviated pain, and didn't compromise the artist's work! So we designed our own, and Tonik was born.

Since then, we've expanded to include tattoo products that cover your skincare needs from start to finish. Whether you're getting your very first tattoo or are looking for a tattoo skin routine that will keep your ink fresh over the years, our IKONIK line of products have you covered. 



Scott & Christina Martin have over 50 years of collective experience in the tattoo industry. They've owned and operated six tattoo shops worldwide, with their flagship location in Orlando, Florida. As artists and shop owners, customer and artist satisfaction are at the heart of everything they do. Over the years, they realized that tattoo products for artists and art wearers were falling short, overpromising, and under-delivering. Instead of stopping inflammation, subpar products cause irritation and rashes. Soaps that promised to keep skin clean, gunked up pours and left behind a sticky residue that made tattooing harder, not easier. 

That's when Scott and Christina put their minds to formulation. Using their combined background in tattoo and skin care, they crafted products that lived up to their promise targeting every concern. That's how IKONIK was born. IKONIK tattoo skincare is the only skincare line that offers a comprehensive solution for both tattoo artists and people who love getting ink. Finally, products that perform as they should.

Scott & Christina Martin

Tattoo Artists Preferred Brand