Like most great products, IKONIK was born from a conversation between friends.

IKONIK Co-Founders Scott & Christina Martin, artists with a combined 50 years’ experience within the industry, owning studios from Orlando to Hawaii, and well known on the trade show circuit, were discussing how the products available in the industry from both Artists and clients had not really changed over a 20–30-year period with close friend and IKONIK Co-Founder Mark Gowers.

Mark has spent the last 30 plus years developing high end skincare for a worldwide customer base, along with his own Global brands, and was amazed at the lack of cutting-edge products within the industry, along with the repetition of the “usual suspects” by way of ingredients in these products, which were never going to lead to any kind of great results. (If at all..).

Given his knowledge of Ingredients and their benefits, (and being late to the party, getting his first tattoo at 50!), the trio started delving into existing Tattoo Care brands, their products, and the ingredients they used.

Having the benefit of a full Research and development suite, along with his Chief Science Officer, Al Needleman a leading Chemist, and Inventor with over 60 years in the field, the now party of four really started to break down what made up each existing product, what the products should really contain to work, and at maximum efficacy.

A full two years later, thousands of sample batches and with the gracious help of some of the best artists across the Globe, IKONIK was launched.

The idea behind IKONIK was simple:

Combine the absolute best Ingredients for healing, wound care, and trauma, with the cutting-edge science behind high end skincare.

Something no one had attempted before.

And something someone NEEDED to do.

Christina, Scott, Mark & Al would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts all the artists, studios, trade shows and the entire tattoo community across the world for really coming together with the thousands of hours of trials, testing, countless batches, revisions, tweaks and everything else that has come to make IKONIK what it is today. We simply could never have done it without you all.

SO, what makes us IKONIK?

  • First and foremost, we support the industry and all it stands for.
  • We are 100% Artist owned and operated.
  • Cutting edge products, created with purpose that out-perform anything available.
  • No “Corporate” company gave us Millions of dollars to produce this.
  • We all put everything on the line to make this vision happen.
  • We are all (now including Mark!), Covered in tattoos.
  • Artist or Client, we have you covered before, during and after.
  • Either online or at a Trade show, we’re always available and look forward to meeting you!

If you’re going to make it, make it IKONIK!